Slade Trip April 13, 2019

A couple of us headed to Slade, KY to spend a day testing some new parts at Hollerwood and Boneyard Hollow Off Road Parks. It was the first shake down run for Brandon’s Can-Am after lots of upgrades, including 33×12.50 light truck tires!

The weight of the tires caught up to him and Brandon snapped an axle on a large, fresh hill climb. The XMR snapped the front driver’s side stock axle. No worries, we always travel with spare parts!

This is where things got interesting… on the way back to the trucks and trailers, the axle managed to pop loose and puncture a hole in the Can-Am frame rail. I’ve never seen anything like it!

The axles are a breeze to change on these things. Neither of us had changed one before but working together with the correct tools, we changed it out in 11 minutes. Since we were there and had another upgraded Rhino 2.0 axle shaft to install, we swapped the unbroken stock axle out as well.

It was mid-afternoon and both of us had things to do later that evening but we weren’t done yet. We decided to go give Holiday Hill a run. I’d been on this trail the last few times and thought it was interesting that everyone kept taking the bypass when you first get on that trail. I was accustomed to staying to the left on the way in but everyone kept going right. So without a large crew to hold up, Brandon and I decided to take a look. That trail did NOT disappoint! We now know why few people (if any) run that side anymore.

Both of us played on the rocks. I busted my driver side mirror off and caved in the driver rear of my XMR. Thankfully, the plastic popped right back out. Brandon gave it a bit more of the ol’ college try than I did and for a minute, I thought his fatty tires were going to let him straddle the crevice and climb it. But the real outcome was a flop onto his passenger side.

Never a dull moment!